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It's Time for a New Kind of Missionary

When you think of the word “missionary,” what do you think of?A young couple in sub-Saharan Africa, leading a Bible school and feeding hungry children? Maybe a pastor building a small church in a tropical village somewhere in the South Pacific?

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Aw, I’m Just a Paper Salesman

CONTENT WRITTEN BY SCARED MARGINS READ ORIGINAL POST As we think of what we are doing we need to understand the differentiating factors of the ‘new model’ (not new just rediscovered) we are talking about. This is one of them. It distinguishes Scatter Global from what most people think of when they say Tent making. It is a high view of work. It is one of the major disrup...

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How do I figure out my calling?

The call of the worker is, in reality, a general call to the whole church. The real question is, “Who should join us as workers among the least-reached?” This raises the matter of God’s calling on all our lives. This is sometimes presented as a mysterious thing or a product of sentimentality or emotionalism. In Scripture there are many people whose call wasn’t recorded. ...

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What is it like living overseas?

Living overseas can be a great experience. It allows us to experience different cultures, new places, and new ways of thinking and doing things. Living overseas can also be lonely, confusing, and frustrating. Some people live overseas and never venture out of their “bubble”- they live in neighborhoods filled with people from the same cultural background, make friends with these same...

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To really serve God, don’t I have to be a full-time missionary?

The New Testament offers several different examples, short-term teams going out without any financial support (Mark 6:7, Luke 10:1), Jesus and the apostles as fully-supported, full-time missionaries (Matt 27:55, Mark 15:41, 2 Cor 11.9), Peter, Paul and Priscilla and Acquila being self-supported bi-vocational missionaries (the massive catch from Luke 5, 1 Thes 2.9, Acts 18). No model is referred...

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Can bi-vocational church planters really be effective?

History shows us William Carey managed a factory while also translating the Bible into Bengali, Hans Nielsen Hauge was a serial entrepreneur and gifted Norwegian evangelist, Betsey Stockton set up a school system for 8,000 children in order that they could read the Bible while also working as a maid. The Moravians and Anabaptists are denominations which have sent hundreds of bi-vocational churc...

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What does it look like to be an intentional bi-vocational church planter?

A church planter is often envisioned to be a street evangelist. However, very few church planters are street evangelists. Because we spend a majority of our time (and live out our values) at work, many churches have been planted at work. Most church planters use everyday relationships to share the Gospel with people around them. Examples include: Telling work colleagues about how after prayer G...

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Who can work overseas?

Generally, most overseas jobs for Westerners are for middle/upper management or skilled professions. Most overseas employers want to hire Western expats because of the quality of work and high productivity. Most overseas jobs are more demanding than equivalent jobs at home so be prepared to work hard. Some fields with openings: Teaching- (BA or MA) in either ESL or subjects taught in Engl...

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How do I find a job?

Research: If you don’t have a particular region in mind, try a few web searches by region to find area with the most jobs. has a wide number of local websites you can search Keep in mind that criteria vary by region and even by country so be sure to know the education, experience, and requirements. Network: Use social media such as...

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What is it like to share your faith?

This will vary depending on where you live. If you live in a country which allows proselytizing you can distribute tracts, and share the Gospel freely with strangers or friends. However, if you live in a “closed country” or one which prohibits proselyting you will need to limit your sharing to friends or colleagues and begin by “testing the waters” by sharing from your o...

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