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SCATTER STORIES: Uniquely Shaped and Specifically Placed

From farm kid to robotics surgeon, Dr. John Randal is using his God-given shape to make a kingdom impact in the lives of his colleagues and patients.

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6 Ways Young Professionals Can Prepare for a Global Job

Are you a recent college graduate or a young professional who dreams of working internationally, but you’re not sure where to begin? Scatter Coaching shares six practical tips to help you prepare.

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5 Ways Working Internationally Can Boost Your Career

The world needs what you have — your talent, your ideas and your energy. As it turns out, the world also has what you need.


Let Your S.H.A.P.E. Guide Your Role Within God’s Kingdom - Part 1

If you’re looking to participate in God’s kingdom story, forget about job openings that someone is trying to fill. Focus instead on the God-given shape that defines your role in life. When you do that, you will find the freedom to live your life (and career) within the grand purpose that God instituted for all of humanity at Creation. But more on that later. Let’s start wi...

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SCATTER STORIES: Creating and Connecting

Paulo is a software developer working in Southeast Asia. “God made me a software developer to change the world in ways that some people can' be in this specific place, to make His word known."

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SCATTER STORIES: How an HR Executive Reflects Jesus at Work

Williams' Story – HR Executive in South Africa “God made me better with people,” Williams says simply. Williams is a human resources executive in South Africa. “That strength came through Christ – and then it just fit into my career.” With a background in HR, Williams started out in the tech industry. “I found that I had a knack ...

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SCATTER STORIES: Special Needs Teacher in the Middle East

Kevin's Story – Special Needs Teacher in the Middle East “I've always really enjoyed being around kids,” says Kevin. “I have a really patient, calm demeanor that works well with kids who are socially different.” Kevin is a special needs teacher working in the Middle East. Kevin had a heart for the Middle East long before he made the move....

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New Bottom Line in the Workplace?

Global Contributor Dr. Scott Breslin, a Management Consultant and Leadership Coach, explores how God uses everyday people doing everyday work to make a kingdom impact in the world.

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Worship in Your Work

Global Contributor, Nigel Wallace, is an artist and educator. Join him as he explores what it means to worship in and through your work.

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Living an Adventure Led by God – Part 1

By Sarah Galloway, Nurse Practitioner in the Middle East It’s been almost two years now, but it seems like last week: the 2019 Global Missions Health Conference, my fifth in six years. Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, Kentucky. About 200 mission organizations, thousands of people, all talking about health care and Christian ministry — two of my deepest passions. ...

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