Finding a Job

Scatter Global helps guide you to global job opportunities.

The Scatter Approach

Scatter Global acts as a guide on your journey to becoming a marketplace worker. We train you on how to effectively search and interview for a job, get you connected with partners in the field, and even host our own job board with links out to other major job boards.

Our 3 simple Job Resources are designed to help you land a great job quickly: 

Search for a Job

Our job board has hundreds of opportunities for you to view and apply for on the spot. 

Scatter Coaching

Need help preparing for an overseas job? Check out our in-house coaching services! 

Land a Job E-Course

Need help on the go? Our e-plan guides you through the key info and steps to land a global job.

Search for a Job

Check out our job board!

Our key jobs are sourced from specific regions of the world where the Gospel is most needed.

Other Job Search Tools

Additionally, we always encourage you to search major job boards as there are so many jobs out there. Regardless of where you find your job, Scatter Global is here to help you on this journey.

Can't find a job on the board? Need more customization? Our in-house career coaching experts have services to help you build a custom job search strategy and ready yourself for the global job market. 

Your Personal Brand
Includes resume review/building, LinkedIn profile branding, social media review, follow up review & feedback.

Interview Prep
Includes mock interview session with a career coach and cultural business preparation.

Job Search Strategy
Includes search strategy built by career coach, presentation with network leads & market trends. 

Cohort Learning
Go through this process with a community of other like-minded professionals by your side. Make connections along the way! 

Land a Job E-course

We understand the complexities of finding a job... somewhere else in the world. Our e-course helps you build an effective job search plan that sets you up for success to land your global job. 

What is included in the course?  

  1. Best practices when editing your resume, social media, etc. and building your best professional profile
  2. Key tips on how to find a job that best fits you. Job boards, networks, placement firms, and more!  
  3. Key insights to how the culture influences how you interview and present yourself
  4. Connections to some of the best services and experts in the job placement industry
  5. Quick, on-the-go video tutorials you can do at your own pace 

Still need help? 

This is why we launched Scatter Global... as a means to help each other on this journey.  Scatter Global is a team of individuals committed to and equipped to help you on your journey.  Reach out to us and let us help you.

How can we help?

Scatter Global offers the following for your assistance:

  • Ask a Question 
  • Initial Consultation Phone Call
  • Connection to Training Programs
  • Individual Job Coaching Services
  • Community of Other Market Place Workers

Note: Some services require a service charge.