Scatter Global Framework

What is the Scatter Global Framework?

The world of missions can have nuances of confusion and as we've introduced a new model of engaging as market place workers we've worked to simplify the process.  In many ways, it's as simple as taking your job somewhere else in the world and living out your faith there. The pathway to becoming a market place worker models itself through a stage of (1) activation around the vision, followed by (2) preparation to go, finalized by (3) replicating yourself.  This Framework is designed to simplify these three major stages so you can be better equipped to find a job and live out your faith as a Christ follower.


How should I use this framework?

Download the framework and study the 3 stages and the information in each of these stages.  You'll find a lot of clarity as you read over this.  A great thing to do once you've studied this Framework is to print this and share with a friend.  There's no better way to master an idea than to share and teach it to someone else.  After studying the stages, identify where you are in the process and take one step towards moving to the next stage.

  1. Study the Framework
  2. Identify where you are and one thing you can do to move forward
  3. Share with a friend


What if I'm convicted and ready to go now?

That's great!  Then contact our team so we can help you find a job, prepare to go, or any number of others services we can provide you.  We're on your team and we want to be here anyway possible to help you take your job and impact the world for the Gospel.