It' s all about the WHY. This course lays out the foundational principles of living out your faith in a global marketplace and community. We guide you every step of the way as we point you to key resources, important disciplines, and a scheduled plan that will keep you moving toward your goal of taking your profession to another part of the world. 

Scatter Courses

Scatter Global is pleased to be working with you and some amazing partners to create courses designed to help you along every stage of your journey.  Explore some of these courses below:

Land a Job

Stuck while looking for a global job? Prepare your resume, profile, interview skills, and job search to yield the best results and land an international job. 

Student E-Plan

Find the guidance, connections, and key steps you need to build a career and missional perspective to take your job to the marketplaces of the world. 

Rethink Missions

Hear from David Platt, Andrew Scott, and Francis Chan as they unpack how every Christian can leverage his or her life for the church and mission. 

Why we build courses...

Where are you at in your journey?  Just heard about the idea? Looking for a job? Landed in a cross-cultural marketplace context? Our desire is to provide every person with simple, mobile tools to take that next step. Our E-plans are set up to provide basic guidance, keeping the momentum going and connecting you with the leading experts and services in the exact areas you need. It's our honor to be able to be a part of your story as you take your profession to the nations.  

Jonathan Thiessen
Project Lead

Coming Soon...

We are constantly working to build new courses to help you on your journey.  Here is a preview of courses to come.


You've landed a global job - now it's time to get you there. Find the guidance you need to navigate moving logistics, visa help, partnering with your church, and saying goodbye.

First 90 Days

You've landed in the field and are starting your new job - now it's all about starting well. Use this course to find the key priorities, tasks, and support to start life in a new part of the world well.  


You're settling in, working with excellence, and ready to disciple others and invest in the lives of other marketplace professionals. We'll share best practices and inform you of ways to engage. 

Have a course suggestion?

We love hearing your thoughts and ideas for how we could better equip you and what other courses we could create to serve you needs.  Our goal is to consistently and constantly being a guide for your journey.  Let us know if you have any suggestions for how we might craft a new course.