by Scatter Global


Catching the Vision. Living the Mission.

2.8 billion unreached souls – that’s a statistic that shakes us to our core.

One that charges all of us to respond. So, how can we? The traditional model of missions encourages each of us to drop everything, go for however long we can, and do “ministry”. What if you can’t do that? What if that wasn’t the only way? What if more of us could go, do what we loved and are skilled at, and in a more sustainable model?

This is Market Place Workers. This is for the 99% of us who are IT professionals, teachers, engineers, doctors, artists - you name it – who want to make disciples of all nations while doing what we love to do.

We are all created by God to use specific gifts and talents to do excellent work. Work that opens us up to networks of people in marketplaces across the world.


Have you caught the vision?


We invite you to follow us this month as we journey through this vision of disciples being made among the least reached of the world through Market Place Workers.  



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