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How Your Contentment Is Killing Your Future



1. the state of being contented; satisfaction; ease of mind. ( 

According to the definition, to be content does not mean to be completely comfortable. It means to have satisfacion, and satisfaction means acceptance. Dale Partridge of unpacks how we often slip into times where we think contentment = comfort. In reality, that comfort is minimizing our vision of what God wants to do with our lives.  

But what if God has something more for you? What if He’s just waiting for you to ask, to dream, and to see? What if more life didn’t have to mean more stuff? What if more purpose actually called for less comfort? - Dale Partridge

How would you answer these questions? What is your life's purpose and what story are you writing? Taking your profession to the nations is a purpose worth fighting comfort for. Take some time to read the full article below and reflect on what is the next chapter of your story. 




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