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Why I stay in my job, despite bad bosses and dodgy practices

I was ready to make an impact in the world for Jesus, and build his Kingdom through my engineering work. But I was in for a rude awakening. - Anthony Seah*

From an unexpected work environment, to drawing the "short straw", to an unleashing of workplace struggles, Anthony Seah* for Thirst gives an honest account of how a challenging job situation as an engineer caused him to answer questions about God's purpose of vocation. 

Many of us have entered into jobs where our clean picture of work becomes a little bit more smeared and smudged as we realize relationships are a little harder to build than expected, your boss doesn't mind cutting the corners that you wouldn't dare, or the culture just seems so heavy. What is that is exactly why God put you there? Seah* was faced with this conviction and goes on to answer these key questions:

  1. How does my understanding of Christ and the Gospel shape my work?
  2.  If I understand that my work is to be shaped by Jesus’ kingdom and mission, how does that affect the way I view my workplace?
  3. How should I factor job security into my career choices?


Click the link below to see how Anthony answered those questions and try answering them for yourself as well! 



*Name changed for security purposes


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