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5 Things I'd Tell My 21-Year-Old Self if I Started My Missions Journey Over

30+ years serving in the Muslim World. Over 70 countries researched.

If done all over, this is what Nik Ripken would do differently. 

Nik Ripken and his young family set out on a journey of reckless abandon for the Lord, leading them to serve in mainly the Middle East & North Africa for over 30 years. Ripken writes this article as a point of reflection of what he would tell his 21 year old self to do differently along his journey of missions. 

Ripken encourages young individuals living abroad intentionally to:

  1. Hold on to Your Sense of Wonder
  2. Make Your Home the Center of Your Family's Worship
  3. Learn From Jesus and Become a Great Storyteller
  4. You Can't Do This Alone
  5. Build a Family Wherever you Go

These words of advice can become active truths in your life as you consider to use your skills to go to the ends of the earth. Remember, that God crafts each one of our journeys to be uniquely our own, but we can listen to the journey of others and collect the wisdom they have gained along the way. 

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Nik Ripken is a leading expert on the persecuted church, having researched extensively in more than seventy countries. A veteran missionary of thirty years (primarily in North Africa and the Middle East), Nik also is the author of The Insanity of God which inspired the motion picture of the same name.


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