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Rethinking work-life balance: It’s about injecting life into your work

Work. Family. Faith.

How can we possibly balance these huge aspects of our lives and do them all well?

Jolene Yee of breaks down the 5 ways we can "work" toward a well-balanced dynamic between work and life. This is a balance that always keeps God and his purposes at the fulcrum. 

5 ways we can work on the balance and inject life into work are:

  1. Work on your character.
  2. Work out of your purpose.
  3. Work hard for God. 
  4. Work not for self-glory, but God's glory. 
  5. Work as salt of the earth. 


Our entire life must be lived in service unto Him. To worship Him in all aspects of our lives includes working hard in the secular world – that they may see Jesus working in us.


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