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Quit Praying! - Mark Batterson

What!? Before you consider signing off, read what this message is really about. 

In this article published by, Mark Batterson shares an exceprt from his book published by Zondervan called, Draw the Circle

Please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying. Pray about everything. Then pray some more. But at some point, we have to quit praying and start acting. - Mark Batterson

In the book, Batterson appeals to readers to stop praying for permission or direction on subjects that God has already clearly addressed in his Word. Some of those things being: 

  • Loving our neighbors
  • Giving generously & living sacrificially
  • Blessing someone when it is in our power to do so
  • Turning the other cheek or going the extra mile

There comes a moment when praying becomes a form of spiritual procrastination. It’s time to stop praying and start acting. - Mark Batterson

So what are we currently praying about that is already in our power to do something about? 

To read the full excerpt from Mark Batterson's Draw the Circle and buy the book, please click the button below. 



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