Sydney Baker

by Sydney Baker


Everyday Marketplace worker on the go: Start your own #War Room

I begin to step into my 'safe place.' I turn the door knob and slowly cross my legs one over another, and as I sit against the mingled patterned carpet, I feel this weight lift off of my spirit. I begin to play a spiritually and uplifting slow melody on my phone, I gather my thoughts and attempt to notice where my feet are. My feet are directly within eye sight and I breathe out, it's been a good day but my spirit still feels heavy. I look around me, I'm in this sort of small room, the light is on and my clothes are just above my shoulders height- I'm in my small closet, in my apartment, at school. The wall closest to me has post its and words of encouragement stuck to it in my best hand writing. There are several names of family members, friends, some co-workers, and those dearest to my heart, written on a larger sticky note. I begin to pray.

This was my war room in college. My first 'war room' was at a previous apartment I was in my Junior year, in my bathroom. That war room was a bit less private to say the least, and I often would forget to preface this when those on my prayer list asked to use my bathroom. Of course it wasn't too often that distant relatives or co workers used my bathroom per say, but still I would get a tinge of fear at what they must be thinking at seeing their name on the back of my bathroom door. 

I can't take nearly all the credit for this amazing idea. My parents told me of this amazing Christian movie, "War Room" a few years back and I must admit I was hesitant to watch it. I was a believer but honestly not too fond of the low budget stereotypical Christian films. Don't get me wrong they were moving, but I was and still am often critical of the actors abilities in these films which is such a shame because needless to say War Room rocked my world.

The first time I saw this film and then the second, and maybe even a third I began conducting my own 'rough draft' war room. I would encourage those in the marketplace and just believers in general to create your own war room. The enemy is always scheming to get us away from quiet time, or shorten the time in which we get to submerse our kids into the word. Use your room to take back your prayer time, your daily devotion, and make a clear statement to the enemy , "not today." 

I have told many of my friends about my war room, and family too, the new place I am in now I even contemplated using the coat closet, anything can be made into a war room.

What are some of your fun and creative ways to incorporate your own 'war room' into your life and home? Comment below! 


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