Sydney Baker

by Sydney Baker


Spiritual Gifts in the Workplace

God wants His people to use their talents, for His glory- no question about it. In an article from Ministry Today, the author discusses, "How to use your spiritual gifts in business." Someone once told me something very crucial, do not let your passion, your dream, what God has called you to do, be an idol. Your creator should never have to fight to be a priority in your life, we are broken people but we must always be aware of where our attention is being placed. 

 Have you ever wondered how your job plays into all of this? You spend at least 35-50 hours there a week, should you not be glorifying the Lord there too?

"Spiritual gifts enable us to worship God through our work."

Your work here on earth should be all encompassing in that your work for the Gospel should go hand in hand with your vocation. Are you glorifying God in every aspect of your life, or just every where but work? 

Click below to read more about this amazing article marrying work and the glorification of God daily by using your talents in the workplace 



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