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Prepping for an interview? "" provides helpful tips!

Whether you are interviewing for your dream job or have a desire to brush up on your interview skills, helps to work alongside your strengths in ways to best represent yourself whilst job hunting. Like many of the usual interview tips, the site suggests looking up the 'basics' about who you are interviewing for, and then going beyond this.. Always have questions for the person interviewing you to show that you are invested, willing to  learn, and want to refine your skills. 

Another helpful tool is recording yourself answering a series of 'practice questions' to ensure that you are prepared while also not sounding too robotic, and rehearsed. Some FAQ's include: "Tell me about yourself,"and "what are your greatest strength/ weaknesses ?" While you never want to lie to your future employer, you may want to reflect specifically on your better qualities. Open with your experience, not the chronological story of your life, this is not what the interview is all about. Your key points to touch on should be what you are good at, and what sets you apart from other candidates. 

While the interview process may be a competitive one, don't let the enemy use this season to speak untruths towards you. Instead look at what you have to offer, be yourself, and above all, glorify the Lord. With the help of these tips provided on the site below, and an ample amount of preparadness and prayer, get ready to crush your interview !

Comment below with any personal tips you would give to someone that have helped you in your interview process/ job hunting journey. 



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