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What is Spiritual Development?

Spiritual development is patience and love, a warm kindness, it's an unyielding hope. This 'feeling' this 'place' can only be reached once you become truly thankful and recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit, the almighty King. Spiritual development will likely not be accomplished from attempting to  be the 'perfect Christian.'

In the words of Josh Baldwin (a fellow Christian singer) "There is freedom In laying all my worries at your feet again even in my struggle I’m surrendering.." The song itself is titled 'Peace', because when we fully and daily surrender in turn we mature spiritually, we gain so much of the Lord's favor and love and wisdom. 

Here are some potential questions you should ask yourself in seeking to develop spiritually:

  • What does my community look like?
  • Am i staying faithful to consistently seek out community?
  • Do I have close followers of Christ who can hold me accountable in this development?
  • Am I paying fervently for wisdom and growth?

In light of these questions comment below with any hardships you have faced in trying to grow and develop, how do you combat the enemy within this if necessary? 





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