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Hopeful, Helpful Tips this Holiday Season

Christmas is right around the corner, literally. Your grandmother, as well as half of America has already lit that green candle that smells just like a real Christmas tree. Consumers are already spending money that they don't have on things they mostly don't need. The ground is slowly being covered in frost that has stubbornly decided to stick to your windshield but not become snow, and the turkey from Thanksgiving  just last week can still be found amongst the other left overs in the fridge.

What are some daunting questions that always seem  to come up just in time for the holidays ? Maybe for your family it's , "when are you getting married?", "when are you having kids?", "when are you going to get a 'real' job?" Or maybe at your church you've  been hearing lately , "Christmas is our biggest giving season",or  "People attend our Christmas services more than any other!," the list goes on and on. This blessed yet stressful season can sometimes cause family dilemmas, or even rifts in marriages. Anxiety  seems to looms and before you know it you're asking yourself, "how in the world is 'Santa' going to afford all of these gifts?" 

This upcoming season always seems to be the perfect time for the enemy to attack. In an article written by Lisa Velin , a Christian counselor,she discuses some hopeful helpful tips on what to do and who to turn to especially during the Holidays. The article titled, "Depression during the Holidays: Tips from a Christian Counselor," gives encouragement by first stating that, "you are not alone." She then gives some steps in coping with this season : 

1. Acknowledge your Feelings

2.  Reach Out (this one can be tough- but very fruitful) 

3.  Be Realistic

4. Take a Breather

5. Look ahead and Consider seeking help from a Christian Counselor.

If the holidays seem tough to handle, why not this year take charge and do something about it! 

Check out the article below and comment with ways in which you have coped in the past with holidays, and ways you'd like to see the Lord redeem those hardships this season. 




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