Sydney Baker

by Sydney Baker


Are you Staying Motivated?

 "The Muse" wrote an article recently titled,"7 Reasons You Can't Get Motivated Today: Solutions Included." Below are some helpful tips found in the article: 

1. "You're afraid of Failure"

2. "It's too Boring"

3. "You just don't like it"

4. "You're too Tired"

5.  "You Don't Know Where to Start" 

6. "You Just Have too Much to do"

7. "You Don't see the Point" 

While these 7 points are the highlight of the article, deeper more helpful tips are conveyed within each tool used to combat a lack of motivation.

Be sure to read through this article and comment with ways in which you sometimes struggle to stay motivated, and how the Lord uses these as teaching moments- what are some learning points?



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