Business as Mission: A Good Fit for Your Mission?

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Calling all entrepreneurs & business owners!

Have you ever explored using BAM (Business As Mission) principles overseas? How can you most effectively set up a business to be sustainable and create impact? What are the negative ramifications of setting up a business improperly or in a less strategic way? 

Take a look at this article that Capin Crouse published by Nicholas R. Morgan from The Evangelical Alliance Mission/TEAM, outlining the missiological, cultural, and legal implications of setting up missional business ventures in a non-strategic or short-sighted manner. Hopefully, after this read you'll be able to evaluate for yourself what ways you can structure a potential business, promote sustainability & credibility, or even identify someways you may want to change your current strategy of using business and the marketplace to be effective. Click the button below to access the full article. 

What are your thoughts or experiences? Share in the comments below. We'd love to hear them! 





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