You have unique skills and talents.
Scatter Global helps you use them for missions.

Who does Scatter Global serve?


God made you with certain interests, abilities and passions. And your skills are one of the ways He shows Himself to the world and blesses it. We are here to help you live that out where Jesus is least known.



You are studying to make the most of the gifts God has created in you. One day, with some professional experience under your belt, you'll be ready to take it overseas. Join us now to help prepare you for that day.



Within your local body, you have both professionals and students who could use their professional pursuits as a platform for living the Gospel among the least-reached. We want to help you help them to go.

We are a Community

Online social communities help you learn from others in your professionlocale or stage of the journey. We travel better together and—who knows?—maybe someone else's story will help shape yours.


Find other members of the community. Strike up a conversation and connect over common questions, paths and destinations.


Find and join a Scatter Global group meeting in your area. Or start one! Read, study and pray together as you press toward your goals.


As we see members surge ahead, launch out or battle through a special challenge, we'll make sure you get to share their journey.

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We share Content

It's a lot to think about and we all have things to learn. Articles, videos, blogs, sermons, websites and more from key thought leaders will help you grow. What are you wondering about? Dig in and find out!

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A variety of Ways to learn...

Blog Posts



Job Opportunities



We offer Jobs

Once you're ready, search real-time job openings from our network of employers. In fact, even before you're ready, you can learn a lot by reading these listings. Filter the listings by profession, compensation and destination. Check back often—listings change.

We're here to help!

We might have mentioned that we are a community... So don't hesitate to reach out. If you have questions, we would love to help you get answers.

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